IP Telephony: BearPoint an old solution to a new problem?

The convergence of voice and data systems into a single, intelligent network is revolutionizing the way financial services institutions conduct business. Internet protocol telephony can help financial institutions boost customer satisfaction and retention while reducing costs, addressing risks, streamlining business processes and, ultimately, achieving significant return on investment.

IP telephony solutions offer numerous economic benefits to financial services institutions, not the least of which is the enhanced ability to compete that results from cost reductions and improved speed-to-market. Extended communications avenues help retain customers by enabling contact center staff to offer services with a personal touch while seizing expanded cross-selling opportunities. Employees enjoy increased mobility and a system that is easy to use, responding, in turn, with increased productivity.

The IP Telephony Puts the Service Back into Financial Service white paper provides you with the steps to help you get started with IP Telephony right now.